Widdop Brass Effect Carriage Clock

Widdop Brass Effect Carriage Clock

Widdop Brass Effect Carriage Clock


Welcome to our article on the Widdop Brass Effect Carriage Clock. This exquisite timepiece combines classic design with modern functionality, making it a perfect addition to any home or office. With its brass effect finish and intricate detailing, this clock is sure to impress both guests and residents alike.

Main Features

Elegance in Design

The Widdop Brass Effect Carriage Clock boasts a timeless design that exudes elegance. Its brass effect finish adds a touch of sophistication to any space, making it a versatile piece that complements various interior styles.

Precision Timekeeping

Equipped with a high-quality quartz movement, this carriage clock ensures accurate timekeeping. You can rely on its precision to keep you on schedule throughout the day.

Compact and Portable

With its compact size, this carriage clock is easy to move around and place on any surface. Whether you want to display it on a mantelpiece, desk, or bedside table, it effortlessly fits into any setting.

Clear and Legible Dial

The clock features a clear and legible dial with Roman numerals, making it easy to read the time at a glance. The black hands provide a striking contrast against the white background, ensuring visibility even from a distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the clock battery-operated?

Yes, the Widdop Brass Effect Carriage Clock is powered by a single AA battery, making it convenient to use without the need for any wiring or electrical outlets.

2. Can the clock be personalized?

Unfortunately, the clock cannot be personalized as it comes with a fixed design. However, its timeless appeal makes it a wonderful gift for loved ones on special occasions.

3. What are the dimensions of the clock?

The clock measures approximately 15cm in height, 10cm in width, and 5cm in depth. Its compact size allows for easy placement in various areas of your home or office.


In conclusion, the Widdop Brass Effect Carriage Clock is a stunning timepiece that combines elegance and functionality. Its brass effect finish, precision timekeeping, and compact design make it a versatile addition to any space. Whether you’re looking to enhance your home decor or gift it to someone special, this carriage clock is sure to leave a lasting impression. Get yours today and experience the timeless beauty it brings.