Wenger Backpack for 17 inch Laptop and Tablet Grey

Wenger Backpack for 17 inch Laptop and Tablet Grey

Wenger Backpack for 17 inch Laptop and Tablet Grey


The Wenger Backpack for 17 inch Laptop and Tablet Grey is the perfect companion for your daily adventures. Whether you’re heading to work, school, or traveling, this backpack has got you covered. With its durable construction and thoughtful design, it offers the ultimate protection for your laptop, tablet, and other gadgets.

Main Features

  • Padded Tablet/E-Reader/Gadget Protection
  • Padded computer compartment
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Air-flow system for comfortable carrying
  • Adjustable compression straps to reduce volume of backpack

Comfortable and Convenient

The Wenger Backpack is designed with your comfort in mind. The adjustable padded shoulder straps ensure a perfect fit, while the air-flow system allows for comfortable carrying, even on hot days. The adjustable compression straps help reduce the volume of the backpack, making it easier to carry and store.

Ultimate Protection

Your laptop, tablet, and other gadgets are valuable investments. That’s why the Wenger Backpack features padded protection to keep them safe from accidental drops and bumps. The suspended, padded laptop compartment provides an extra layer of protection, ensuring your devices stay intact even if the backpack is dropped.

Organized Storage

Stay organized on the go with the Wenger Backpack’s organization compartment. It has dedicated pockets for pens, phones, keys, and other essentials, so you can easily find what you need. The backpack also features a water bottle pocket on the exterior, keeping condensation away from your laptop or tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this backpack fit a 17-inch laptop?

Yes, the Wenger Backpack is specifically designed to accommodate a 17-inch laptop. The padded computer compartment provides a secure and snug fit for your device.

2. Is the backpack water-resistant?

While the Wenger Backpack is not completely waterproof, it is made with thicker polyester than standard versions, offering some level of water resistance. However, it is recommended to keep your electronic devices in the padded compartments and use additional waterproof protection for extra safety.

3. Can I use this backpack for travel?

Absolutely! The Wenger Backpack is versatile and suitable for various purposes, including travel. Its spacious compartments and organized storage make it convenient for carrying your essentials while on the go.

Experience the convenience and protection of the Wenger Backpack for 17 inch Laptop and Tablet Grey. Get yours today and enjoy worry-free travels and daily commutes.