Upgraded Bed Table Laptop Desk – The Perfect Portable Workstation

Upgraded Bed Table Laptop Desk – The Perfect Portable Workstation

Upgraded Bed Table Laptop Desk – The Perfect Portable Workstation


The Upgraded Bed Table Laptop Desk is a versatile and practical solution for those who need a portable workstation. Whether you’re working from home, studying, or simply enjoying some leisure time, this laptop desk offers the convenience and functionality you need.

Main Features

Practical Design

The Upgraded Bed Table Laptop Desk features a sleek and modern design that not only looks great but also enhances your mood. Its simple yet elegant look makes it easy to use and adds a touch of style to any space.

USB Port

With a built-in USB port, this laptop desk allows you to charge your devices conveniently. Whether you need to charge your desk lamp, mobile phone, or fan, the USB port provides easy access to power.

Cup Holder

Enjoy your favorite drink while working or relaxing with the table’s cup holder. The cup slot design ensures that your cup stays in place and within reach, so you can stay hydrated without any hassle.

Desktop Card Slot

The Upgraded Bed Table Laptop Desk also features a desktop card slot, perfect for holding your iPad, tablet, or cell phone. You can watch movies or TV shows comfortably without having to hold your device, making it a great entertainment companion.

Side Drawer

Stay organized with the convenient side drawer of this laptop desk. It provides ample storage space for pens, mobile phones, and other small items, keeping your essentials within easy reach.


The built-in handle allows for easy movement and portability. Whether you’re using it at home or on the go, the handle makes it convenient to carry and transport the laptop desk.

Smooth Bound

The smooth corners of the table ensure safety and prevent any sharp edges that could potentially harm you. Additionally, the table is designed to withstand external forces, ensuring its durability and longevity.

Easy to Carry and Store

The foldable desk legs make this laptop desk highly portable and easy to store. You can work anywhere and fold it flat for convenient storage. It’s perfect for use in the car, office, or even on vacation.

Non-slip Legs Design

The anti-slip leg pads at the bottom of the table provide stability and prevent slippage. Whether you’re enjoying a meal or working on your laptop, you can be confident that the laptop desk will stay in place.


  • Material: Solid Wood Particle Board & Alloy Tube
  • Color: Black
  • Desktop Size: 23.6 x 16.5 x 11.8 inch/60 x 42 x 30cm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg

Package Included

  • 1 x Folding Bed Desk
  • 1 x USB Powered Mini Lamp
  • 1 x USB Powered Mini Fan

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the laptop desk suitable for large laptops?

Yes, the Upgraded Bed Table Laptop Desk is designed to accommodate laptops up to 17 inches in size. It provides enough space for your laptop and even has room for a mouse.

2. Can I charge my devices using the USB port?

Yes, the USB port on the laptop desk allows you to charge your mobile phone, lamp, or any other USB-powered device. It provides convenience and eliminates the need for multiple power outlets.

3. Can I use the laptop desk for activities other than work?

Absolutely! The laptop desk is versatile and can be used for various activities. Whether you want to read, watch movies, or enjoy a meal in bed or on the sofa, this laptop desk is the perfect companion.

4. Is the laptop desk easy to carry?

Yes, the laptop desk is lightweight and comes with a built-in handle, making it easy to carry around. You can take it with you wherever you go and set up your workstation in seconds.

5. Is the laptop desk durable?

Definitely! The laptop desk is made of solid wood particle board and alloy tube, ensuring its strength and durability. It is designed to withstand daily use and provide long-lasting performance.


The Upgraded Bed Table Laptop Desk is the ultimate portable workstation that combines convenience, functionality, and style. With its innovative design and features such as the USB port, cup holder, and side drawer, this laptop desk is perfect for working, reading, and eating. Its easy-to-carry and store design, along with its non-slip legs, make it a versatile and reliable companion for any situation. Upgrade your workspace with the Upgraded Bed Table Laptop Desk today!