Robinair 45111 R134a Brass Manifold Hose Kit

Robinair 45111 R134a Brass Manifold Hose Kit

Robinair 45111 R134a Brass Manifold Hose Kit


Welcome to our article on the Robinair 45111 R134a Brass Manifold Hose Kit. This kit is designed to meet the needs of automotive professionals who require a reliable and durable tool for their work. With its high-quality construction and innovative features, this manifold hose kit is a must-have for any mechanic or technician.

Main Features

Durable Brass Construction

The Robinair 45111 R134a Brass Manifold Hose Kit is made from high-quality brass, ensuring its durability and longevity. This construction material is resistant to corrosion and can withstand the rigors of daily use in automotive repair shops.

Easy-to-Read Gauges

The kit includes easy-to-read gauges that provide accurate readings of pressure and temperature. These gauges are designed with clear markings and color-coded dials, making it simple for users to interpret the measurements.

Convenient Hose Length

The hoses included in this kit have a convenient length, allowing users to reach various components of the vehicle without any hassle. The flexibility of the hoses ensures easy maneuverability, making the job more efficient.

Quick Couplers

The quick couplers provided with the kit enable fast and secure connections to the vehicle’s A/C system. These couplers are designed to prevent leaks and ensure a tight seal, saving time and effort during the diagnostic and repair process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this kit compatible with R134a refrigerant?

Yes, the Robinair 45111 R134a Brass Manifold Hose Kit is specifically designed for use with R134a refrigerant.

2. Can I use this kit for other refrigerants?

No, this kit is specifically designed for R134a refrigerant and may not be compatible with other types of refrigerants. It is important to use the appropriate equipment for each specific refrigerant.

3. Are the hoses in this kit resistant to high pressure?

Yes, the hoses included in this kit are designed to withstand high pressure. They are made from durable materials that can handle the demands of automotive A/C systems.

4. Can I replace the gauges if they get damaged?

Yes, the gauges in this kit are replaceable. If they get damaged or worn out, you can easily replace them with compatible gauges.


The Robinair 45111 R134a Brass Manifold Hose Kit is a top-quality tool that offers durability, accuracy, and convenience. With its durable brass construction, easy-to-read gauges, convenient hose length, and quick couplers, this kit is a reliable companion for automotive professionals. Whether you are a mechanic or technician, this manifold hose kit will enhance your diagnostic and repair process, making your job easier and more efficient.