Product Description – My New Fiancée

Product Description – My New Fiancée

Guillermo Forchino – My New Fiancée

Introducing the exquisite and captivating figurine – My New Fiancée by Guillermo Forchino. This stunning piece of art is a must-have for collectors and art enthusiasts alike. With its intricate details and impeccable craftsmanship, it is sure to be the centerpiece of any collection.

Uniquely Designed

Each My New Fiancée figurine is meticulously handcrafted by Guillermo Forchino himself. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the sculpture, from the facial expressions to the clothing and accessories. The vibrant colors and lifelike features bring the figurine to life, making it a true work of art.


The My New Fiancée figurine measures 35 x 16 x 15 cm (LWH), making it the perfect size to display on a shelf, desk, or mantel. Its compact design allows it to fit seamlessly into any space, adding a touch of elegance and charm.

High-Quality Materials

Guillermo Forchino uses only the finest materials to create his masterpieces. The My New Fiancée figurine is made from high-quality resin, ensuring its durability and longevity. The hand-painted details add an extra layer of authenticity, making it a truly remarkable piece.

Perfect Gift

Whether you’re a collector or looking for a unique gift, the My New Fiancée figurine is the perfect choice. Its timeless design and universal appeal make it suitable for any occasion. Surprise your loved ones with this extraordinary piece of art and watch their faces light up with joy.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Is the figurine limited edition?
  • A: Yes, each My New Fiancée figurine is part of a limited edition series, making it even more valuable and exclusive.
  • Q: Can I customize the figurine?
  • A: Unfortunately, customization is not available for this particular figurine. However, Guillermo Forchino offers a wide range of other customizable options.
  • Q: How should I clean the figurine?
  • A: To clean the My New Fiancée figurine, simply use a soft, dry cloth to gently remove any dust or dirt. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.


In conclusion, the Guillermo Forchino – My New Fiancée figurine is a masterpiece that combines artistry, craftsmanship, and charm. Its unique design and attention to detail make it a valuable addition to any collection. Whether you’re a collector or looking for a special gift, this figurine is sure to impress. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this extraordinary piece of art.