Physiotherapy Machine Electrotherapy Combo for All Pain Relief Device Physiotherapy Equipment 5 In 1 Interferential Muscle Stimulator Tens Ultrasound Deep Heat

Physiotherapy Machine Electrotherapy Combo for All Pain Relief Device Physiotherapy Equipment 5 In 1 Interferential Muscle Stimulator Tens Ultrasound Deep Heat

Product Details

Usage: Clinical, Hospital

Therapy Modes: 4 Pole, 4 Pole Vector 900, 4 Pole Vector 450, 2 Pole per-modulated Carrier

Frequency: 4 and 2 kHz

Base Frequency: 0 to 150 Hz

Sweep Frequency: 0 to 100 Hz

Sweep Modulation Programs: 1/1 Sec, 1/5 Sec, 6/6 Sec

Surge ON Time: 1 -10 sec. (in 1 Sec.variation)

Surge OFF Time: 1 – 6 sec. (in 1sec. variation)

Burst Frequency: 1 – 4 Hz

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Product Description

We are offering an innovative and versatile physiotherapy machine that combines IFT, MS, TENS, Ultrasound, and Heat therapies. This 5 in 1 Interferential Muscle Stimulator Tens Ultrasound Deep Heat device is designed to provide effective pain relief and promote healing.

Keeps you active and full of energy

With the use of this physiotherapy machine, you can stay active and full of energy. It helps in reducing pain and discomfort, allowing you to engage in daily activities without limitations.

Have effective changes and improves health

This combo machine offers various therapy modes that target different areas of the body. It promotes effective changes in the muscles, joints, and tissues, leading to improved health and well-being.

Is easy to use due to the simple design

The physiotherapy machine is designed with simplicity in mind. It features user-friendly controls and an intuitive interface, making it easy for both professionals and individuals to operate.

Used for physiotherapy at clinics and hospitals alike

This versatile machine is suitable for use in both clinics and hospitals. It can be used by physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals to provide effective treatment to their patients.

Treats you with electrotherapy

The combination of IFT, MS, TENS, Ultrasound, and Heat therapies in this machine allows for comprehensive electrotherapy treatment. It targets pain and inflammation, promotes circulation, and accelerates the healing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this machine be used at home?

Yes, this physiotherapy machine can be used at home. However, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional for proper guidance and usage instructions.

2. How often should I use this machine?

The frequency of use depends on the individual’s condition and the recommendation of a healthcare professional. It is best to follow the prescribed treatment plan for optimal results.

3. Is this machine safe to use?

Yes, this physiotherapy machine is safe to use when used according to the instructions provided. It is important to follow safety precautions and guidelines to avoid any potential risks.


The Physiotherapy Machine Electrotherapy Combo is a versatile and effective device for pain relief and physiotherapy. With its multiple therapy modes and user-friendly design, it provides a comprehensive solution for various musculoskeletal conditions. Whether used in clinics or at home, this machine offers convenience and effective treatment options for individuals seeking pain relief and improved health.