Ozone 5 in 1 Keyless Entry Door Lock – Product Description

Ozone 5 in 1 Keyless Entry Door Lock – Product Description

Ozone 5 in 1 Keyless Entry Door Lock

Safeguard your home with the sought-after Ozone 5 in 1 Keyless Entry Door Lock. This digital lock for door is primed for security and functionality. Its sleek design supports its versatility! Suitable for 35-65 mm door thickness.

Smart Unlocking Mechanism

The Ozone finger lock for door can act as a fingerprint door lock requiring your fingerprint to unlock, user-set PIN code, or as a digital door lock requiring an OTP from OzoLok Mobile App. This smart door lock for the main door also comes with an RFID card for easy access for the elderly and an Emergency Override Key. You can easily grant fingerprint access to your trusted family members.

USB Battery Backup & Auto Locking

When the batteries are completely drained, this biometric door lock has a feature with a power bank and USB port. The lock triggers an alarm if the battery comes below a user-defined threshold, reminding users to replace batteries a few days before discharge. The fingerprint lock also triggers an alarm automatically after 5 consecutive wrong PIN attempts.

Lock Size & Dimensions

The fingerprint locker has a lock body measuring 55*72 mm, 70*85mm. The total weight of the lock is 2.5 Kg. It has a Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor of (508dpi).

A Great Gifting Item

Help keep your family & friends safe by gifting them this smart lock for home main door. The door lock smart fits well on the wooden type of doors & comes with a 24 months warranty from the date of purchase.


The Ozone 5 in 1 Keyless Entry Door Lock is a reliable and versatile digital lock that ensures the security of your home. With its smart unlocking mechanism, USB battery backup, and auto-locking feature, it provides convenience and peace of mind. Its sleek design and compatibility with various door thicknesses make it a perfect choice for any home. Consider gifting this smart lock to your loved ones and help them enhance their home security. Purchase now and enjoy a 2-year warranty!