Neironim Glass Shabbos Candle Holders with Candles

Neironim Glass Shabbos Candle Holders with Candles

Neironim Glass Shabbos Candle Holders with Candles

Light up your home or any setting with Neironim! Our premium glass candle holders will become a wonderful part of your Shabbat, holiday, and general home decoration needs.

Product Features

  • High Quality Durable Glass Material
  • Super Safe for Home and Religious Settings
  • Fits Standard Sized Candle Sticks
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Perfect for Shabbos, Hanukah, General Lighting Purposes
  • Beautiful Display in Home, Bedroom, Kitchen, Anywhere!

Elegant Candle Display

Light up any room with these beautiful candle holders that provide superior sophistication for any purpose. Top quality construction offers you loads of safety features to minimize the chance of accidents in your home. It’s perfect for altars, centerpieces, religious prayer, and basic home decor to create a calming mood. These cups are clear so they will definitely fit in any room’s aesthetic.

About Ner Mitzvah

Ner Mitzvah, family operated since the 1940s, consistently brings you the best in Mitzva, Judaica & religious items. From Shabbos, Chanukah, Yahrtzet or havdallah candles, to Shabbat lamp oil, aluminum candle holders, dreidels and many more Judaic gift items, supplies and resources – Ner Mitzvah is your premier Judaica source.

Beautiful Glass Holder with Candles

Get your candles ready for display with these Neironim cups that include a wax candle for instant lighting on Shabbos, Chanukah, or any other occasion.

Super Safe Composition

Includes 3 Layer Rubber safety set. Our holders are designed to hold small Neironim candles, and the premium glass minimizes the chance of accidents for all guests and family members in your own household.

Great Durability

Made using top quality glass material, you are sure to be getting the highest quality candle holders that won’t easily shatter and leave dangerous broken shards on your floor.

Reusable for Any Need

When your candle has run out and melted, our cups can easily be washed out and refilled with a brand new candle anytime you need to save you money and time.

The Ner Mitzvah Promise

As the premier source for Jewish holiday and traditional products and resources, our products are designed with ease of use, convenience, and practicality in mind.