NRS Healthcare 3 Wheel Steel Rollator Walking Aid with Bag – Blue

NRS Healthcare 3 Wheel Steel Rollator Walking Aid with Bag – Blue

NRS Healthcare 3 Wheel Steel Rollator Walking Aid with Bag – Blue

This NRS 3 Wheel Steel Rollator Walking Aid with Bag S21943 Blue gives you extra support & stability when you’re on the move. This strong steel framed rollator is sturdy but easily manoeuvrable with 3 large wheels for easy turns and high grip tyres for safety. Features easy to use brakes, just pull the brakes up to brake while walking, and push them down fully to lock them on and hold the rollator stationary when you stop. The rollator is height adjustable to suit a variety of users, and the handle height can be adjusted between 81 – 91 cm (31.9 – 35.8″), please see details below for how to check if this is suitable for you. Max user weight 20st( 125kg).


  • Strong rollator provides extra support when standing & added stability when walking inside or outdoors
  • Easy to fold compactly when travelling by car, bus or train
  • 3 large diameter wheels allow for easier turning, with high grip tyres & lockable brakes for safety & control
  • Height adjustable between 81 – 91 cm (31.9 – 35.8”). Max user weight 20st (125kg)
  • Complete with removable bag for personal possessions or shopping, which poppers onto the frame

Is this rollator a suitable size for you?

Here’s how to measure the handgrip height you need:

  1. Get a friend ready to measure you (if you measure yourself, you may lean sideways and get the wrong measurement!)
  2. Wearing your normal shoes, stand facing forward, with feet shoulder width apart.
  3. With your arms held naturally at your sides, measure from the floor to your wristbone. This measurement is the one you need for the rollator handle height. Handle height is adjustable between 81 – 91 cm (31.9 – 35.8″)
  4. If your measurement is within this range then this rollator should be adjustable for you.


  • Handle height adjustable between: 81 – 91 cm (31.9 – 35.8″)
  • Length: 59cm (23.2″)
  • Width folded: 25cm (9.8″)
  • Width unfolded: 66cm (25.98″)
  • Maximum user weight: 20st (125kg)
  • Product weight: 5.9kg (13lb)
Optional Add-On

A separate shopping basket & tray is also available if required as an optional add on, please see item S21979 which is available separately.


The NRS Healthcare 3 Wheel Steel Rollator Walking Aid with Bag is a reliable and convenient walking aid that provides extra support and stability. Its sturdy steel frame, large wheels, and high grip tyres ensure safety and easy maneuverability. The adjustable handle height and removable bag make it suitable for a variety of users and purposes. Whether you’re shopping or traveling, this rollator is a practical choice. Choose the stylish Blue color or explore other available options.