Marcato Cookie Press – Homemade Cookie Machine

Marcato Cookie Press – Homemade Cookie Machine

Marcato Cookie Press – Homemade Cookie Machine


The Marcato Cookie Press is a high-quality baking accessory that allows you to easily create homemade cookies with professional results. Made in Italy with anodized aluminum, this cookie machine is built to last and deliver consistent performance.

Adjustable Cookie Size and Shape

With the Marcato Cookie Press, you have the freedom to customize your cookies. The machine includes 20 different shape discs, ranging from stars to shortbread, hearts to flowers, and many more. You can choose between two different sizes, allowing you to make large breakfast biscuits or small pastries.

Easy to Use

Making cookies with the Marcato Cookie Press is a breeze. After preparing your dough, simply insert a small amount into the machine from the die side. Then, choose your desired shape and place the lower part of the machine directly onto the baking tray. No need for butter or baking paper! The cookie will stick to the tray, already perfectly portioned, and ready to be baked.

Efficient and Versatile

The Marcato Cookie Press allows for quick and easy production of cookies. Its ergonomic plastic handle extension ensures a comfortable grip, making the process even more enjoyable. The mechanical control guarantees consistent results in terms of size and thickness, ensuring that every cookie is perfect.

What’s Included

When you purchase the Marcato Cookie Press, you will receive the following:

  • Ergonomic plastic handle extension
  • 20 different cutting shapes
  • Complete manual (English language not guaranteed)
  • 10 best recipes


In summary, the Marcato Cookie Press is a must-have baking accessory for anyone who loves making homemade cookies. Its adjustable cookie size and shape, along with the included 20 shape discs, allow for endless creativity in your cookie designs. The easy-to-use mechanism and consistent results make baking a joy. Invest in the Marcato Cookie Press and elevate your cookie-making experience!