Leatherman Skeletool CX – Camping and Survival DIY Multi-Tool

Leatherman Skeletool CX – Camping and Survival DIY Multi-Tool

Leatherman Skeletool CX – Camping and Survival DIY Multi-Tool

Are you an outdoor enthusiast or someone who loves to be prepared for any situation? Look no further than the Leatherman Skeletool CX. This innovative multi-tool is designed to be your go-to companion for camping and survival adventures.

Key Features

1. Lightweight and Durable

The Leatherman Skeletool CX is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring its durability and longevity. Despite its robust construction, it remains lightweight, making it easy to carry on your outdoor expeditions.

2. Essential Tools

This multi-tool comes equipped with 7 essential built-in tools, including pliers, wire cutter, and a knife. These tools are designed to handle various tasks, from fixing equipment to preparing meals in the wilderness.

3. Compact Design

The Skeletool CX features a sleek and compact design, allowing you to easily store it in your pocket or backpack. Its portability ensures that you always have the necessary tools at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Leatherman Skeletool CX made in the USA?

A: Yes, the Leatherman Skeletool CX is proudly made in the USA, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Q: Can the Skeletool CX be used for survival situations?

A: Absolutely! The Skeletool CX is specifically designed for camping and survival scenarios. Its versatile tools will assist you in various tasks, such as cutting ropes, opening cans, and repairing gear.

Q: Is the Skeletool CX easy to use?

A: Yes, the Skeletool CX is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its tools are easily accessible and can be deployed with one hand, making it convenient and efficient to use.


The Leatherman Skeletool CX is the ultimate multi-tool for camping and survival enthusiasts. Its lightweight, durable, and compact design, combined with its essential built-in tools, make it a must-have for any outdoor adventure. Don’t leave home without it!