Kit Bluetooth N-Com B901 S

Kit Bluetooth N-Com B901 S

Kit Bluetooth N-Com B901 S

Stay Connected with Quality

Stay in contact with your travel companions: new conference functions “Smart Conference” and “Universal Conference”, sharing A2DP music and phone calls. Immerse yourself in the street with FM radio with RDS, multilingual voice announcements, and auto system ON/OFF. B901 offers maximum performance and the safety of an integrated intercom.

Perfect Integration

You will not find better integration: B901 has been designed and built specifically to be mounted on Nolan compatible helmets. Installation is simple, fast, and intuitive. The comfort of the helmet is unchanged.

Ergonomic Design

The special ergonomic design of the keyboard allows easy management of controls, even with motorcycle gloves. B901 features an integrated keyboard with 3 keys for convenient usage.

High-Quality Audio

The joint development of intercom and helmet ensures an ideal positioning of earphones and microphone. The audio quality is excellent, providing clear and pleasant conversations even at high speeds. Background noise is effectively attenuated.

Safety First

All Nolangroup helmets prepared for the N-Com system are approved with the communication system installed and are therefore compliant with the ECE/UN Regulation 22-05. With the Bluetooth Kit N-Com B901 S, safety is prioritized.

Product Details

  • Fastening: Double Ring
  • Compatibility: N42, N43, N71, N84, N85, N86, N90, N91, N101, N102, N103