Keyloland Double Wall Insulated Glasses – Coffee Mugs

Keyloland Double Wall Insulated Glasses – Coffee Mugs

Keyloland Double Wall Insulated Glasses – Coffee Mugs

Are you tired of your coffee getting cold too quickly? Do you find it difficult to hold a hot mug without burning your hands? Look no further than the Keyloland Double Wall Insulated Glasses – Coffee Mugs. These innovative mugs are designed to keep your coffee hot for longer while ensuring your hands stay cool.


1. Double Wall Insulation

The double wall insulation of these coffee mugs creates a thermal barrier, preventing heat from escaping and keeping your coffee hot for an extended period of time. Say goodbye to lukewarm coffee!

2. High-Quality Materials

Our coffee mugs are made from high-quality borosilicate glass, which is known for its durability and heat resistance. The double wall design adds an extra layer of protection, making these mugs resistant to cracks and breakages.

3. Sleek and Stylish Design

The Keyloland Double Wall Insulated Glasses feature a sleek and modern design that will elevate your coffee-drinking experience. The transparent glass allows you to appreciate the rich color of your coffee, making it a visual treat as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these mugs microwave-safe?

A: Yes, these mugs are microwave-safe. You can easily reheat your coffee without having to transfer it to another container.

Q: Can I use these mugs for cold beverages as well?

A: Absolutely! The double wall insulation works both ways, keeping your cold beverages chilled for longer. Whether it’s iced coffee or a refreshing iced tea, these mugs have got you covered.

Q: How do I clean these mugs?

A: These mugs are dishwasher-safe, making cleaning a breeze. However, we recommend handwashing them to maintain their pristine condition for a longer period of time.


The Keyloland Double Wall Insulated Glasses – Coffee Mugs are the perfect companion for coffee lovers who want to enjoy their hot beverages without worrying about them getting cold too quickly. With their double wall insulation, high-quality materials, and sleek design, these mugs offer both functionality and style. Say goodbye to lukewarm coffee and hello to a delightful coffee-drinking experience!