JOYIN Klever Kits Science Lab Kit For Kids

JOYIN Klever Kits Science Lab Kit For Kids

JOYIN Klever Kits Science Lab Kit For Kids

Get your kids excited about science with the JOYIN Klever Kits Science Lab Kit. This amazing gift set includes a lab coat, name badge, and a variety of science tools for endless fun and learning. Perfect for STEM education and role-playing as a scientist. Made with high-quality materials and meets US toy safety standards. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Super Value Pack

The JOYIN Klever Kits Science Lab Kit includes:

  • 1x Lab Coat
  • 1x Name Badge
  • 4x Large Test Tubes with Stand
  • 4x Eyedropper
  • 3 Size Funnels
  • 5 Size Measuring Spoons
  • 1 Large Measuring Cup
  • 6x Small Measuring Cup
  • 1x Plastic Beaker
  • 1x Magnifier
  • 1x Tweezers
  • 1x Safety Glasses
  • 1 Stirring Rod
  • 3 Color Agents
  • 1 Pack Citric Acid
  • 1 Pack Baking Soda
  • 2x Balloon
  • 20x Color Catcher Sheets
  • 1x Double-sided Activity Cards Book

STEM Learning

The JOYIN Klever Kits Science Lab Kit is the most popular science set for kids. It enhances the love of STEM learning and is great for learning science. Kids can dress up as a scientist for costume parties and future career days at school.

Endless Fun

This science kit provides a variety of tools for hands-on scientific exploration. It is suitable for boy or girl kids scientists ages 3-11. The included activity cards have step-by-step instructions for various experiments, helping kids develop problem-solving, sequential thought, and math skills.

Premium Quality

The lab coat is made of high-quality washable material, ensuring durability and easy maintenance. The name badge is customizable, allowing kids to create their own scientist badge. The JOYIN Klever Kits Science Lab Kit meets US toy safety standards and has undergone safety tests to ensure child safety.

Customer Satisfaction

Providing a 100% satisfaction experience is our main priority. If the JOYIN Klever Kits Science Lab Kit doesn’t meet your expectations, feel free to message us through “contact sellers”. We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. Start the celebrations with JOYIN!

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