Half and Half 32 Ounce (Pure Tung Oil and Citrus Solvent)

Half and Half 32 Ounce (Pure Tung Oil and Citrus Solvent)

Half and Half 32 Ounce (Pure Tung Oil and Citrus Solvent)

Are you tired of using traditional wood finishes that are harmful to your health and the environment? Look no further! Introducing the Half and Half 32 Ounce, a revolutionary product that combines the power of pure tung oil with the natural cleaning properties of citrus solvent.

Why Choose Half and Half?

1. Superior Wood Protection: The Half and Half formula penetrates deep into the wood, providing long-lasting protection against moisture, stains, and UV damage. Say goodbye to cracked and faded wood surfaces!

2. Easy Application: With its convenient 32-ounce size, applying Half and Half is a breeze. Simply pour the desired amount onto a clean cloth or brush and evenly distribute it over the wood surface. No need to worry about drips or streaks!

3. Environmentally Friendly: Unlike traditional wood finishes that contain harmful chemicals, Half and Half is made from all-natural ingredients. The pure tung oil nourishes the wood, while the citrus solvent effectively cleans and removes dirt and grime.


Q: Can I use Half and Half on all types of wood?

A: Yes, Half and Half is suitable for use on all types of wood, including hardwoods and softwoods. It enhances the natural beauty of the wood grain, giving your projects a professional and polished look.

Q: How long does it take for Half and Half to dry?

A: The drying time of Half and Half depends on various factors such as temperature and humidity. On average, it takes about 24 hours for the product to fully dry. However, you can apply multiple coats for added protection and depth of color.

Q: Is Half and Half safe to use indoors?

A: Yes, Half and Half is safe to use indoors. It has a low odor and emits minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it ideal for use in enclosed spaces.


Experience the power of Half and Half 32 Ounce and transform your woodworking projects into works of art. With its unique combination of pure tung oil and citrus solvent, this product offers superior wood protection, easy application, and environmental friendliness. Say goodbye to toxic wood finishes and hello to a healthier and more sustainable alternative!