Diaper Dekor Plus – The Ultimate Diaper Disposal System

Diaper Dekor Plus – The Ultimate Diaper Disposal System

Diaper Dekor Plus – The Ultimate Diaper Disposal System


Welcome to the world of Diaper Dekor Plus, the ultimate diaper disposal system designed to make your life easier and more convenient. With its water-resistant nylon construction and built-in absorbent terry swim diaper, caring for your little surfers has never been this stylish and hassle-free.

Key Features

1. Cute Designs

Diaper Dekor Plus comes in a range of adorable designs that will make diaper changing a fun and enjoyable experience for both you and your little one. Choose from a variety of patterns and colors to suit your style and brighten up your nursery.

2. Built-in Convenience

With its innovative design, Diaper Dekor Plus offers unmatched convenience. The built-in absorbent terry swim diaper ensures maximum absorption and prevents leaks, while the water-resistant nylon material keeps the diaper disposal system dry and odor-free.

3. Value Pack

Get the Diaper Dekor Plus value pack, which includes 2 full-size refills. Each refill can hold up to 335 diapers, providing you with up to 335 days of worry-free diaper disposal. Say goodbye to frequent trips to the trash can and enjoy more time with your little one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do I need to change the refill?

A: The refill can hold up to 335 diapers, so it depends on your baby’s diaper usage. On average, the refill lasts for approximately 1 month.

Q: Is the Diaper Dekor Plus easy to use?

A: Absolutely! The Diaper Dekor Plus is designed for easy and convenient use. Simply open the lid, place the diaper inside, and close the lid. When the refill is full, remove it and replace it with a new one.

Q: Can I use regular trash bags with the Diaper Dekor Plus?

A: No, the Diaper Dekor Plus is specifically designed to work with its own refill system. Regular trash bags may not fit properly and could compromise the odor control and disposal system.


Say goodbye to the hassle of diaper disposal with the Diaper Dekor Plus. With its cute designs, built-in convenience, and value pack of 2 full-size refills, this diaper disposal system is a must-have for every parent. Enjoy easy care for your little surfers and keep your nursery clean and odor-free. Get your Diaper Dekor Plus today!