Benny’s Bowl – Fresh Dog Food

Benny’s Bowl – Fresh Dog Food

Benny’s Bowl – Fresh Dog Food


Welcome to Benny’s Bowl – Fresh Dog Food, the perfect choice for your furry friend’s nutrition needs. Our balanced wet dog food is specially formulated to support muscle strength and promote a shiny coat for both adult dogs and puppies. With two delicious flavors to choose from, Chicken & Pumpkin and Lamb & Fresh Beans, your dog will be begging for more!

Benefits of Benny’s Bowl – Fresh Dog Food

1. Supports Muscle Strength

Our dog food is packed with high-quality protein from chicken and lamb, which helps support muscle strength and development in dogs of all ages. Whether your dog is a playful puppy or a mature adult, Benny’s Bowl has got them covered.

2. Promotes a Shiny Coat

Thanks to the inclusion of essential nutrients and vitamins, Benny’s Bowl helps promote a shiny and healthy coat for your beloved pet. Say goodbye to dull fur and hello to a lustrous coat that will make your dog the envy of the neighborhood.

Flavors Available

1. Chicken & Pumpkin

Our Chicken & Pumpkin flavor is a delectable combination that dogs simply can’t resist. The savory taste of chicken paired with the natural sweetness of pumpkin creates a mouthwatering meal that will have your dog licking their bowl clean.

2. Lamb & Fresh Beans

If your dog prefers a more savory option, our Lamb & Fresh Beans flavor is the perfect choice. The tender lamb meat combined with the wholesome goodness of fresh beans provides a satisfying and nutritious meal that will keep your dog happy and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much should I feed my dog?

The recommended feeding guidelines for Benny’s Bowl – Fresh Dog Food are as follows:

  • For adult dogs: 1 can (300g) per 10kg of body weight per day.
  • For puppies: 1 can (300g) per 5kg of body weight per day.

2. Is Benny’s Bowl suitable for all dog breeds?

Yes, Benny’s Bowl – Fresh Dog Food is suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Whether you have a small Chihuahua or a large Golden Retriever, our dog food provides the necessary nutrition for optimal health.

3. Can I mix Benny’s Bowl with dry dog food?

Absolutely! Benny’s Bowl can be mixed with dry dog food to add variety to your dog’s meals. Just make sure to adjust the portion sizes accordingly to maintain a balanced diet.

Give your dog the best with Benny’s Bowl – Fresh Dog Food. Order now and see the difference in your pet’s health and happiness!