Am I Still Your Boyfriend – BBR

Am I Still Your Boyfriend – BBR

Am I Still Your Boyfriend – BBR


SWITCH is a US funk band that originated in Ohio under the name First Class. Discovered by Jermaine Jackson, the band’s original lineup included Phillip Ingram, Bobby and Tommy DeBarge, Greg Williams, Eddie Fluellan, and Jody Sims.

Their Top Hits

SWITCH gained recognition during their time with Gordy Records, where they produced three top ten hits:

  1. “There’ll Never Be Another” (1978)
  2. “I Call Your Name” (1979)
  3. “Love Over and Over Again” (1980)

Changes in the Band

In 1980, Philip Ingram, brother of James Ingram, decided to pursue a solo career and later formed the Electronic Funk band Deco. Bobby and Tommy DeBarge also left the group to join the family group, DeBarge, who achieved success on Motown during the 1980s.

Am I Still Your Boyfriend Album

In 1984, SWITCH signed with Total Experience Records and released their album ‘Am I Still Your Boyfriend.’ This special edition re-master includes bonus tracks and is presented in deluxe Super Jewel cases.


  1. Keeping Secrets
  2. Am I Still Your Boyfriend
  3. I’m So Satisfied

These tracks showcase SWITCH’s soulful sound, smooth mid-tempo beats, and sweet love ballads.

Why You Should Get It

If you’re a fan of Soul, Funk, and R&B, the re-mastered album ‘Am I Still Your Boyfriend’ by SWITCH is a must-have for your collection. Experience the timeless music of this talented band and enjoy the bonus tracks that come with this special edition.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I purchase the re-mastered album ‘Am I Still Your Boyfriend’?

You can purchase the album on BBR’s official website or through various online music stores.

2. Are there any other bonus tracks included in this special edition?

No, the re-mastered album includes the three original tracks along with extensive liner notes featuring interviews with band members.

3. Can I listen to samples of the songs before buying the album?

Yes, you can find samples of the songs on BBR’s website or streaming platforms like Spotify.

Thank you for reading about the re-mastered album ‘Am I Still Your Boyfriend’ by SWITCH. Get ready to groove to their soulful tunes and relive the magic of their music.