APS Buffet Showcase – Double-sided Hinged | Product Description

APS Buffet Showcase – Double-sided Hinged | Product Description

APS Buffet Showcase – Double-sided Hinged

About APS

Behind the APS brand stands a traditional German company that has been in the business of producing gastronomy and serving articles for decades. The family business is already in its fourth generation. APS sells buffet, tabletop, and bar products worldwide.

Product Description

The APS Buffet Showcase is a versatile storage solution for a wide variety of foods. Whether you need to store cakes, muffins, pastries, rolls, sandwiches, or other delicacies, this display case has got you covered.

The showcase measures 44 x 32 x 20.5 cm and weighs 2.2 kg. It features a stable ABS plastic base and a crystal clear SAN roll-top lid. Additionally, it comes with a stainless steel tray and 2 cooling batteries.

The stainless steel tray is kept at a constant low temperature by the cooling batteries underneath. This ensures that the food stored remains fresh for a particularly long time. The freezer packs can keep the food cool for up to 6 hours, making it ideal for events and gatherings.

One of the standout features of the APS Buffet Showcase is its double-sided hinged design. The flexible, transparent plastic roll-top cover allows access from both sides of the display case, making it incredibly versatile. Whether you need to serve food from one side or both sides, this display case can accommodate your needs.

Key Features:

  • Double-sided hinged design
  • Transparent roll-top bonnet
  • One bowl
  • One stainless steel tray
  • Two cooling batteries
  • Made in Germany


The APS Buffet Showcase is a high-quality storage solution that combines functionality and versatility. With its double-sided hinged design and transparent roll-top bonnet, it offers easy access to your food items from both sides. The stainless steel tray and cooling batteries ensure that your food stays fresh for a long time. Made in Germany, this buffet display case is a reliable and innovative choice for any food service establishment.