360pcs Clear Plastic Silverware – Perfect for Parties and Restaurants

360pcs Clear Plastic Silverware – Perfect for Parties and Restaurants

360pcs Clear Plastic Silverware – Perfect for Parties and Restaurants


Welcome to the world of the 360pcs Clear Plastic Silverware! This set of clear glitter disposable cutlery with a colorful design is the perfect choice for your upcoming parties, birthdays, and even restaurants. With 120 forks, 120 knives, and 120 spoons, you’ll have everything you need to serve your guests in style.

Main Features

Clear Glitter Design

The clear glitter design of this plastic silverware adds a touch of elegance to any occasion. Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner or a casual gathering, these utensils will impress your guests.

Durable and Disposable

Made from high-quality plastic, this silverware set is both durable and disposable. You don’t have to worry about washing or losing your expensive cutlery. Simply use them and dispose of them after the event.

Colorful and Fun

The colorful design of this cutlery set adds a fun and vibrant touch to your table. It’s perfect for themed parties, birthdays, and other special occasions where you want to create a festive atmosphere.

Convenient Packaging

The 360pcs Clear Plastic Silverware comes in a convenient packaging that makes it easy to store and transport. You can take it with you to picnics, outdoor events, or simply keep it in your kitchen for future use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I reuse the plastic silverware?

No, this set is designed for single-use only. It is not recommended to reuse the plastic silverware as it may affect its quality and durability.

2. Are the utensils BPA-free?

Yes, the 360pcs Clear Plastic Silverware is made from BPA-free plastic, ensuring the safety of you and your guests.

3. Can I use this silverware for hot foods?

While the plastic silverware is suitable for most foods, it is not recommended to use it with extremely hot dishes as it may melt or deform.

4. How many sets are included in the packaging?

The packaging includes 360 pieces of clear plastic silverware, consisting of 120 forks, 120 knives, and 120 spoons.


In conclusion, the 360pcs Clear Plastic Silverware is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and convenience to their parties, birthdays, and restaurants. With its clear glitter design, durability, and colorful appeal, it will surely impress your guests and make your event memorable. Don’t miss out on this amazing set!