2-Pack Extendable Poster Tubes | Carry Documents Blueprints Drawings and Art | Black Portable Durable Round Storage Cases with Lids and Labels

2-Pack Extendable Poster Tubes | Carry Documents, Blueprints, Drawings and Art | Black Portable Durable Round Storage Cases with Lids and Labels

2-Pack Extendable Poster Tubes

Carry Documents, Blueprints, Drawings and Art

Black Portable Durable Round Storage Cases with Lids and Labels

Size: Large

Color: Black

About the Product

Poster tubes are simple yet convenient transport solution. Posters, documents, maps, and unframed art all benefit from the convenience of poster tubes but did you know that poster tubes can be more than a plain plastic tube? It’s more than just a tube you can use to carry posters or maps from one place to another. These poster tubes provide both safe transport and secure storage of important large prints and documents. Made from durable plastic, these poster cylinders are waterproof, , and fade resistant. You won’t need to worry about bumps and falls ing your poster tube or the tube (and the prints inside) fading from constant exposure to sunlight. The watertight and airtight screw caps ensure maximum protection from the elements for both transport and storage applications.

Convenient and Versatile

Moving into a new place? Just roll your map and posters and slide them in the tube. And when you’re done, you can sling a poster tube or two on your shoulders or wear it as a crossbody. The adjustable straps make it easier to carry and transport several poster tubes at a time. Even at its fully extended form, the poster tube straps still have enough length to sling over your shoulder. But can you remember what’s on each poster tube? There’s no need to open each tube and check the contents. The screw cap has a clear top where you can insert a label for each poster tube. Just unscrew the cap and insert the label on the underside of the cap.

Extendable Length

What really makes these poster tubes the best choice is their extendable length. Poster tubes are convenient until you get your hand on a longer poster of your favorite sports team. These tubes can extend up to 40 inches from their original length of 24.75 inches. It can fit 18-inch x 24-inch and 24-inch x 36-inch blueprints, maps, or posters.

Preserve and Easily Transport Posters and Important Papers

Transport and storage can be challenging for large prints like posters, blueprints, and maps. You’ll need to protect them from the elements and, of course, from the ever-hated wrinkles and fold lines. With this sturdy plastic document tube, you can just roll your prints, slide them in, and screw-on the cap! Keeps paper from folding and creasing indefinitely!

Poster Tube Carrier Expands from 24.5 inches to 40 inches

There’s no need to fret about an extra-large map or poster not fitting your poster tube. These poster tubes can fully extend from 24 3/4 inches to 40 inches. Each tube has an outer diameter of 3 1/2 inches and an inner diameter of 3 1/4 inches. The telescopic feature allows for an easy and quick expansion – just pull and lock in place.

Handy Carrying Strap

Free your hand with an adjustable strap that adapts to your needs and the poster tube’s length. Wear it as a crossbody, over-the-shoulder, or just as a regular carrying strap. It’s convenient for every situation.

With Safety Caps and Labels

Keep your prints in an airtight and watertight canister with these poster tubes. The screw cap closure provides a tight seal to keep your prints and documents safe from moisture and air. These poster tubes’ convenient features do not end here. The screw cap includes a label slot that’s built into the screw cap.

Waterproof, , and Fade Resistant Poster Tubes

The ultimate test for poster tubes is the travel test. Whether you’re out in the field with your blueprints or newly-printed maps, you’ll have the assurance of protection from rain or shine! With a rugged and sturdy exterior, these poster tubes can withstand rough handling and prolonged exposure to sunlight, keeping their contents safe and in mint condition.